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Security Guards Insurance in Phoenix, AZ & Oakland, CA

Security Guards Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona and Oakland, California

Being a part of the armed or unarmed security service industry means constantly striving to ensure safety in your role. The nature of security jobs can expose professionals to potential risks and personal liability. That’s why finding the right security guards insurance coverage that allows you to effectively carry out your duties. 

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Understanding Security Guard Liability Insurance 

Security guard liability insurance is designed to protect individuals or businesses if something goes wrong while performing their duties. 

Liability insurance may help cover third-party claims if an incident causes bodily injury or property damage, and compensation may be provided to affected parties. Optional umbrella insurance can help extend your liability coverage limits to further protect your financial stability. 

If your organization employs or hires freelance or contract security guards, you may also need other insurance types, including workers’ compensation or commercial auto insurance. Consult your agent to understand the types and amounts of coverage required by California and Arizona. 

Who Needs Security Guard Liability Insurance in Phoenix, AZ and Oakland, CA? 

Security guard liability insurance may provide crucial protection in the event of incidents or accidents that occur during security guard duties. The following key groups of people should consider security guard liability insurance: 

  • Security guard agencies that send guards out to work at various locations. 
  • Individual security guards who work on a freelance or contract basis. 
  • Property owners and managers who hire security guards to protect their premises. 
  • Event organizers for concerts, festivals or large gatherings who require security personnel to ensure safety and crowd control. 
  • Public institutions and facilities such as schools, hospitals and government buildings that employ security guards. 
  • Banks and financial institutions that use security guards to protect their assets. 
  • Construction sites that use security guards to protect their equipment and prevent illegal entry. 
  • Sporting event venues that use security guards to provide crowd control and prevent vandalism. 
  • Places of worship that employ security guards to prevent violence during services. 

Contact Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers

Security guards can be put in risky situations during a regular workday. Having appropriate insurance coverage can help protect the financial security of your guards and your organization. Contact Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers serving the Oakland, California and Phoenix, Arizona areas, to get personalized quotes for security guards insurance coverage. 

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