Minimum Requirements in California for Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance is necessary as there are risks associated with running a business with employees, customers, and partners. Companies are liable for damages and injuries when found at fault, and without adequate coverage, it can leave your business devastated. 

Insurance laws vary state-to-state in regards to small businesses. If you have a small business in California, there is a minimum amount of insurance that you need for your business to operate within the law. General liability insurance for small businesses is a recommendation. However, most commercial leases require that business owners carry this type of insurance.

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Types of Required Small Business Insurance

Many different types of insurance are extras to be considered, such as cyber liability and error and omissions insurance. Still, only some are basic requirements that must be met in the state of California. Workers’ compensation insurance is one. If a business has any employees, this insurance is required to help with injuries, medical bills, and claims that may arise with employees. Another type is commercial auto. This is necessary to cover company vehicles in case there are accidents or issues. General liability is recommended and required by most commercial leaseholders.

A Company That Looks Out For You

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Pay more for what?

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Since broker fees are terribly common in urban areas like Oakland, California, this is why Rate Crushers is destroying insurance rates from companies like The General , Fred Loya, Freeway, Same Day Insurance and Esurance, which also broker high-risk insurance. Some brokers do charge fees and they are usually paid by the client.

The General , Fred Loya, Freeway, Same Day Insurance and Esurance are not actually insurers, meaning they do not collect your insurance payment or pay your insurance claims. Rather, they act as insurance brokers that “sell” you a policy from another carrier and charge you a fee for the “service.”

This is different from companies offered by Rate Crushers like Geico, Nationwide, Progressive, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Stillwater, CSE, Kemper Preferred, Allstate, Farmers Insurance that offer insurance themselves.

While not paying broker fees is arguably better than paying them, you might be better served by contacting a Rate Crushers licensed insurance agent who can sell you a policy from any number of car insurance companies (the companies like The General and Esurance don’t have) without a fee.

Independent agents typically collect a commission, paid by the insurance company, but don’t charge any additional fees (like broker fees). In fact, if you’re working with an agent who charges fees — above what they receive from the insurance companies they represent — you might want to find a new agent.

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What Does a Home Insurance Policy Cover?

If you own a home in Oakland, CA, chances are you should also carry a home insurance policy. These policies help protect your investment and cover your home and belongings in case of destruction or damage. At Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers, our skilled agents are happy to help you evaluate your assets and choose the homeowners’ insurance that’s right for your situation. They’ll sit down with you and talk about your home, property, and possessions so that you can purchase the insurance policy that’s perfect for covering the things that matter most. 

There are several types of home insurance, with each type providing a different amount of coverage. Some policies cover the actual cash value of the home and the items within it, others cover the replacement cost, and still, others cover the extended replacement cost and value of the property. The type that you need will depend on your home itself and the items that you own, as you’ll want to have enough insurance to cover your investments fully. As a homeowner, it’s vitally important to protect your investment, as you never know when the unexpected could happen. 

Homeowners’ insurance usually covers damage to the building’s exterior and interior, theft of possessions, and personal liability for accidents or injuries that occur on the property. If you need additional insurance for a specific item or reason, speak to your Oakland, CA agent about adding a rider to your policy to cover the situation. At Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves on finding the right coverage for our customers, every time. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can assist you with a customized insurance policy.