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Find quality rates on insurance products through the expert insurance agents at Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers. We offer the following types of California insurance coverage:

  • car insurance
  • boat/watercraft insurance
  • commercial insurance
  • condo insurance
  • home insurance
  • renters insurance
  • motorcycle insurance
  • RV insurance
  • umbrella insurance

There is never a bad time to review your insurance coverage needs or to inquire about new rates. At Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers, you will receive free no-obligation insurance quotes from one of our professional insurance brokers. If you reside, own property, or do business in the California, contact Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers for all your insurance needs.

The Advantages of Using Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers

We are insurance brokers, so we are not captive agents. Our agents are independent of any single insurance carrier, so we can shop around and find the best insurance plans for your situation. You won't have to purchase your auto and home insurance from the same carrier. Let us spend time locating and comparing policies. Your time is valuable. Searching for different coverage can be tedious and overwhelming, but we do this every day, all year long. We know how to interpret the insurance-speak so we can compare apples to apples. Our agents know the California insurance requirements. Many types of insurance products exist. We can sort through them to find the policies right for you.

Discuss Your Current and Future California Insurance Needs with our Independent Agents

If you are searching for automobile or home insurance in California, you may use our online tool to obtain a quote. For any other type of coverage or personalized experience, visit or call our Oakland, CA office. One of our dependable brokers will be happy to meet with you. We will discuss your lifestyle, goals, and budget to determine the best insurance policies for you and your loved ones. The people at Rate Crushers Insurance Brokers look forward to meeting with you.