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General Liability

Businesses of all types are at risk for liability exposure. Lawsuits related to products, premises, and operations could end up crippling a company – financially and otherwise – without the right safeguards in place. Available as part of our Commercial Package (or on a stand-alone basis), our General Liability coverage offers a level of protection that today’s business owner cannot afford to do without. From everyday exposures to those unique to specific industries, we’ll make sure you’re ready for the unxpected.


  • Golf Courses & Country Clubs
  • Large Offices/ Apartment Buildings
  • Manufacturing (light to medium)
  • Resort Hotels
  • Travel Plazas/Truck Stops
  • Wholesalers & Distributors

Coverage Highlights

  • Limits from $1 million up to $6 million aggregate
  • Industry-specific customization endorsements
  • Employment-Related Practices Liability with annual aggregate limits up to $1 million
  • Premium discounts available based upon unique business characteristics such as: age and condition of buildings; training and experience of employees; care, condition, and type of premises and equipment; and more
  • Flexible payment options
  • Expert loss control and claims handling

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

For Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability coverage, writes policies from coast to coast for a wide variety of businesses but with an emphasis on small- to medium-sized companies – our specialty! While the kinds of protection offered by all insurers are largely dictated by government regulations, we distinguish ourselves from others in key ways:

  • Competitive pricing. (Our multiple insurance company subsidiaries allow us to feature multiple pricing tiers well matched to the needs of different businesses; we also utilize schedule credits/debits where available and have Group and Individual Dividend Programs that can help earn return premium.)
  • An easy, streamlined process for obtaining quick quotes.
  • Cash-flow friendly payment terms (including “pay-as-you-go” and self-reporting options).
  • Value-added loss control services that can make a workplace safer and a bottom line stronger.
  • Fast, fair claims handling that focuses on quality medical care as the means of achieving the quickest possible return to work and superior cost containment.
  • Excellent customer service (which encourages renewals).

Businesses can get a quote for Workers’ Compensation insurance and see firsthand all the benefits All Purpose Insurance Agency has to offer.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Currently available throughout the California  Commercial Auto insurance is designed for Any vehicle, no maximum gross weight. and travel natonwide.

  • Liability, Physical Damage, and Statutory coverages with many customizable options.
  • A special Endorsement that can add a variety of extras at minimal cost.
  • Competitive basic pricing as well as Individual Risk Premium Modifications (IRPMs).
  • A fast and easy application process, enabling a quicker quote.

Businesses can get a quote for Commercial Auto insurance and see firsthand all the benefits that All Purpose Insurance Agency has to offer.

Our Commercial Auto insurance can be obtained separately or as part of a comprehensive multi-line solution.

Businessowner’s Policies

Just like businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so do their insurance needs. But selecting the right coverages can be a daunting task, even for seasoned entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ve designed a Businessowner’s Policy that bundles traditional property and liability protection into one form. Optional “Add-Ons” and industry specific endorsements can be added to enhance or extend coverage, resulting in a customized insurance solution that is just what you need (and not what you don’t).

Coverage Highlights

  • Typical property limits up to $20 million; up to $50 million for certain industries
  • Liability limits up to $2 million per occurrence / $4 million general aggregate
  • Built-in business income, inland marine, and crime coverages
  • Optional “Add-Ons” including equipment breakdown, data compromise, and cyber suite coverages offered in conjunction with market leader Hartford Steam Boiler
  • Industry-specific customization endorsements
  • A wide range of premium discounts based upon unique business characteristics
  • Low deductibles, flexible payment options, expert loss control and claims handling

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