Cheap Car Insurance + Superior Coverage  

When looking for cheap car insurance, it’s important you get multiple quotes to compare for the best coverage at the cheapest rates. While every driver wants affordable car insurance, every driver is not the same.



Rate Crushers innovative rate tools and personalized agents to find you the best car insurance rates in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lean why households trust Rate Crushers insurance since   1996 for their insurance needs.  just enter your zip code to start getting those free quotes to compare.  

How can we offer more affordable car insurance than the competition? 

Rate Crushers offers companies like Geico, Nationwide, Progressive, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Stillwater, CSE, Kemper Preferred, Allstate, MetLife, Safeco, Farmers Insurance all in one innovative rating system. 

Destroying insurance rates from companies like The General , Fred Loya, Freeway, Same Day Insurance and Esurance, which also broker high-risk insurance.


How much auto insurance do I need?

Aside from the minimum required coverage, you may want to think about other critical coverage options such as medical coverage, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Your insurance advisor can help determine the best coverage based on your needs and budget. You will want to get more coverage for risky situations, such as liability, if you have a teenage driver or will have many people using the same vehicle. Collision and comprehensive coverage is also important in case of theft or collision with other cars and objects.

Who can be covered?

This is a common question in California especially for households with big families. Auto insurance can be a family policy where everyone who is listed in the coverage is covered. Other people who may drive your car can also be covered under special circumstances. They should have your consent and a valid driving license. If you intend to use the car for commercial purposes, you may need to buy extra commercial coverage to protect your business as auto insurance may not cover commercial activities. Once you have bought your auto insurance policy, you are fully protected from wherever you are in California.

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