Boat/Watercraft Insurance in California

Legally speaking, boat owners in California are not required to carry boat insurance. Practically speaking, though, it's another matter entirely.

The main thing to consider here: It's hard to get your boat in and out of the water without a dock. And most dock owners around Oakland, CA will require that you carry insurance if you are going to use their facilities.

This makes sense when you consider that most accidents are not going to happen out on the water, where there's plenty of space to go around and it's hard to run into another boat owner. But at the docks, where you have dozens of people coming and going, it's a lot easier for a boat to crash into another boat, or kick up a wake as it departs, sending other boats crashing into one another. Given the liability hanging over a dock owner's head, you can't blame them for asking that boaters carry their own liability.

Of course, even if this requirement was not in place at most docks, it simply doesn't make much sense to own and operate a boat or watercraft without insurance coverage. Even a modest boat is a big investment, and if something happens while you're not covered, all the losses are going to come directly out of your pocket.

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